Saturday, October 23, 2010

Use Truly Unique Content On Your Money‐Making Domain.

Google's supplemental index is basically that huge morass of pages which has very, very low page rank, relative to the other stuff. So, it’s not going to occur in search results very often. It doesn’t get searched very often. So, it’s actually stored differently in a less performant database. It’s probably not even kept in memory. That’s one of the things people don’t quite get. The total amount of RAM that Google owns is that they’re actually keeping the index in RAM. They don’t have to touch disc at all. That’s the reason they can provide search results so rapidly

Today most of the web is duplicate on the order of 30% ‐ 50%. So, not most, but a very high percentage of the web is actually duplication. Google recognizes the duplication at query time. And they just don’t show those. They show only the single best one. Therefore particularly important for a domain where you’re trying to build a brand around it, you want to have really good content there...
Leslie Rohde - Godfather of SEO  (Interview by Kenny Goodman)

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